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Kotlin is now the official language to write and build Android apps and this course is for anyone who want to be a Kotlin programmer from scratch. We will be covering every aspect starting from programming fundamentals using Kotlin which starts from installing the development environment followed by developing first Kotlin app. Understand how program flow works in Kotlin, understanding variables, Math operation and priorities, logic,  making decisions, loops and how to work with files and functions.

Why choose Kotlin?

Kotlin is  officially supported language for writing Android apps and open source since 2012. the major benefit of using Kotlin over JAVA is the brevity that Kotlin offers. Java seems quite verbose in comparison. Brevity ensures that there are lesser errors in code. It also means a much faster rate of production.

What impact will you have from this training?

  • Understand the programming foundation
  • Understand the Object Oriented Programming (OOP) in Kotlin
  • Understand the programming logic, condition and control
  • Use collections, And what is the better place to use collection
  • Build real-world Android apps like Twitter,Facebook (Social Media Apps), My Notes,find my age, find sunrise time
  • Work with New Firebase from Google and Web services (RESTful API calls)
  • Design amazing layout using Style, Color,Shape, Menu and ConstraintLayout
  • Use system service like BroadcastReceive, Services, and Alarms
  • Apply or start working as an Android Application Developer
  • Build online games and play tic tac toe online with friends
  • Make app that support Supporting Different Screens, and different languages

About the Trainers


Owais is the Co-Founder / CTO at IT Retina and has been training computer science students and developers to work with latest tools and technologies. He has built enterprise solutions on Microsoft SharePoint, Web and mobile applications. He has developed several web and mobile applications throughout years with expertise in Kotlin, JavaScript, Angular, React, Node JS, PHP, chrome extensions and web scrappers. 

Owais has been training software engineers and developers to work with latest tools and technologies, including training seminars at APTECH and Karachi University.

Venue: What is the location and facility for the training?

Mohammad Ali Jinnah University has a state of the art and purpose-built training labs. MAJU has been chosen as the venue for an encouraging learning culture, as it is equipped with the latest training equipment and services essential for conducting training.

Address: 22-E Shahrah-e-Faisal Service Rd S, Pakistan Employees Co-Operative Housing Society Block 6 PECHS, Karachi, Karachi City, Sindh 75400.

Training Program Schedule

The training will start from Saturday, 08th-December 2018, distributed over 8 sessions.

Each session will be of 4 hours from 09:00 AM to 01:00 PM, bringing hours of 32 in total.

Registration and Payments?

Register now for this training by filling out the form on this link

The fees for the training is Rs. 20,000/-; Once you have filled out the registration form our team will contact you in the next 24 hours to provide payment instructions.

DISCOUNT Offer: Early Bird Discount 

We offer 25% discount if you are an early bird and register by Saturday, Nov 24th, 2018.

How do you pay fees for the training?

The fees can be submitted to Admissions department of MAJU from 09:00 AM to 09:00 PM. Please contact on 0317-2074332 for payment methods.

The payment is required at least 5 working days before the start of training.

Practice Exam

A practice exam is part of the training. The practice exam will be held at the end of the program with the aim to help participants work under real time constraints.

Certificate of Completion

GetProfessional will provide a certificate which will be a testament to your successful completion of the training.


Week 1: 

1 – Setting Up Environment

  • Installing JDK
  • Install IntelliJ IDEA

2 – Variables

  • Program concept
  • Run first App
  • Variable Concept
  • Define Variables
  • Var vs Val
  • Input data – ReadLine
  • Comments
  • Null safety

3 – Operations and Priorities

  • Convert between Data Type
  • Math operations
  • Priorities
  • Increment and Decrement
  • First App Development

4 – Decision Making

  • Logic statement
  • Simple IF, IF- Else, IF- ElseIF, Nested IF
  • When, Expression If and When

5 – Loop Control

  • Simple and Nested For Loop
  • While & Do – While Loop
  • Returns and Jumps

Week 2: 

6 – Functions

  • Simple Function
  • Function Overload
  • Polymorphism
  • Global and Local Variables

7 – Collections and Strings

  • String
  • Arrays
  • ArrayList
  • HashMap
  • mapOf, Arrayof, listOf and mutableListOf
  • setOf and mutableSetOf
  • Exceptions: Try-Catch
  • File Write / Read

8 – Storage / File Operations

  • Exceptions: Try-Catch
  • File Write / Read

9 – Multi-Threading

  • Multi-Threading Concept
  • Multi-Threading example

Week 3: 

10 – Object Oriented Programming

  • Returns and Jumps
  • What is OOP
  • Simple Class
  • Constructor
  • Inheritance
  • Visibility Modifiers
  • Overriding
  • Casting
  • Super and this
  • interface
  • Abstract
  • Generic
  • Enum
  • Extensions
  • Packages
  • Inner and Nested Class
  • Lazy and Singleton design pattern
  • Comparable || Sort array of Objects

Week 4: 

11 –  Android Startup

  • Install Android Studio
  • Setup Kotlin in Android

12 – Find My Age App

  • Layout design with constraint layout
  • Implement App code
  • Debug and Find Errors
  • Add colors

13 – Complete Tic Tac Toy Game

  • Layout desgin with TableLayout
  • Buttons call event
  • Find winner
  • Play with device   

Week 5: 

14 – Web Services|| Find City Sunrise Time App

  • HTTP calls
  • Json and XML
  • City Sunrise App || UI layout design
  • City Sunrise App|| HTTP calls and JSON read
  • Add nice Shape and rectangle for layout

Week 6: 

15 – SQL-Lite Database|| My Notes App

  • Design notes ListView
  • List dummy notes use ListView
  • Design Add notes layout
  • Use Menu bar and Intent
  • Styles
  • Add notes to Sql Lite database
  • List notes from Sql Lite database
  • Delete notes from Sql Lite database
  • Update notes in Sql Lite database
  • Support different languages and change app icon
  • The Activity Lifecycle

Week 7: 

16 – Introduction To Firebase

  • What is Firebase and Connect to Firebase
  • Firebase Authentication

17 – Firebase || Social Media App – 1

  • Twitter app overview
  • Design login layout
  • Load image from Phone
  • Upload images to Firebase   

Week 8: 

18 – Firebase || Social Media App – 2

  • Tweets / Posts layout design
  • Add post
  • Load posts
  • Show post user info
  • Show loading now
  • Show Ads between feeds
  • Notifications   

19 – Publish App to Store

  • Publish App to Store
  • Convert app to source code
  • Avoid Convert app to source code