Mohmmad Naeem is a professional with over 20 years of experience in software development, project management and consultancy. With a masters in IT, he has been associated with various IT organizations, playing a key role in development, systems implementation and database related design maintenance and technical issues. Along with being actively involved in technical trainings on professional and corporate level, Naeem has also been associated with Bahria University as a visiting faculty.


Mohsin Nagaria is co-founder at Digital Dividend with 10 years of extensive experience in software development and managing Mid to Enterprise level web and mobile products. He holds a B.S. degree in CS from University of Texas at Tyler.His focus at GetProfessional is technical training and lead generation.


Our vision is to be the preferred training partner of companies and individuals and positively impact their achievement & success. Our current focus is on technical courses which will empower individuals to become high quality software professionals. We have experienced and technically adept trainers.

2. What is UIT’s Role in this training?

UIT has very good training facilities and GETPROFESSIONAL is partnering with to offer high quality trainings to students and professionals.

3. Why should I get this training?

We have experienced and technically adept trainers. If you feel that you need some mentoring by experienced and trained industry professionals then this training is for you.

4. Will I get a certificate at the end?

Yes, we will provide a certificate which will be a testament to your successful completion of the course.

5. How can I register?

For registration, please contact Muhammad Imran at 03332409666. You can also call 0317-2074332.

6. Can I get any discount?

GetProfessional Alumni are offered a discount of 20% on any course that offered at any given time by us.

7. When do I have to pay for the training?

You will need to pay for the course at least 5 working days before the course starts.


Featured Training Sessions


1 – Introduction

  • Introduction To Database Development
  • Designing And Implementing Tables
  • Ensuring Data Integrity Through Constraints
  • Basics Of SQL

2 – Advance SQL

  • Designing And Implementing Views
  • Designing And Implementing Stored Procedures
  • User Defined Functions
  • Responding To Data Manipulation Via Triggers
  • Advanced SQL
  • Storing And Querying XML Data In SQL Server
  • Dealing With Images And Other Data Types In SQL

3 – Performance Tuning

  • Introduction To Indexing
  • Designing Optimized Index Strategies
  • Columnstore Indexes
  • Execution Plan
  • SQL Profiler
  • Locking, Blocking And Deadlocks
  • Design More Efficient Queries
  • Optimize Database Workload

4 – Administration

  • Custom Backups And Backup Strategies
  • Restore And Recovery
  • Database Maintenance
  • Database Compression
  • Server Logins And Server Level Roles
  • Database Users And Database Level Roles
  • Implementing Permissions
  • Log Shipping
  • Mirroring